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General Facility Information and Policies

The Convention Center is proud to be a participant in LEED. LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) is a green building certification program that encourages and accelerates global adoption of sustainable green building and development practices. This building has been designed and constructed to be awarded a LEED for New Construction Certification. Particular features of the design that support the LEED certification include: energy efficient lighting, daylighting in the exhibit hall, energy recovery units on the building HVAC system, high efficiency plumbing fixtures as well as waterless urinals. In addition to these design features other operational features include the provisions for all guests to recycle paper, plastic, metal, cardboard and glass as well as a green cleaning program that reduces building occupant exposure to toxic chemicals.


Rental deposits are due in full prior to a group arrival. Check the License Agreement for amounts and due dates. Invoices for deposits may be requested; otherwise the License Agreement is the invoice. Acceptable forms of payment include cash, checks and credit cards.

During the course of your program, billing statements will be issued daily (if applicable) per function as charges are incurred. These billing statements should be reviewed and signed by a designated authority and returned so that they may be forwarded to Accounting for processing. An invoice with detailed supporting documentation of all charges and payments/deposits may be issued prior to your departure but no later than seven (7) days after your move-out. All balances outstanding will be due net thirty (30) days upon issuance of the invoice.


With the exception of guide, signal or service dogs, animals are not allowed in the facility without prior approval. Approval is based on whether the animal is legitimately part of a show, exhibit or activity requiring use of animals. If permitted, an Animal Waiver must be signed and kept on file with your Event Manager.


All hazardous materials must be registered with the Center. Please submit the OSHA Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) on your hazardous materials sixty (60) days prior to your event. Hazardous materials (chemicals, gases, batteries, paints, oils, petroleum products, corrosives, solvents, and biological contaminants including blood, body fluids, organic matter, cadavers, used first aid supplies, and sharps) are the responsibility of the Licensee and/or Exhibitor. All items must be placed in clearly marked product safe containers, safely stored and secured, and disposed of properly, according to local, state, and federal regulations. Items may not be left in the facility for later pick-up, or disposed of in the facility trash receptacles or sewage systems. Hazardous waste left in the facility will be disposed of immediately at the expense of the Licensee. This includes charges associated with identification, containment, transportation, disposal, and potential closures of the convention facilities or waste disposal site due to contamination. Please contact your Event Manager for a list of vendors that can assist you with hazardous waste disposal.


Helium balloons may not be distributed or sold inside the facility. With the prior approval of your Event Manager, helium balloons may be used when they are permanently affixed to authorized displays. If helium balloons are released for any reason within the facility, labor costs associated with the removal of the balloons from ceilings and air handlers will be charged to Licensee. Helium balloons distributed outside the facility shall not be permitted inside the building. Glitter and confetti are prohibited.


The lighting of the exhibit hall is a combination of a high intensity discharge metal halide- HID and CFL- compact fluorescent lamps. Each source is in a reflector type downlight fixture which are mounted side by side and hung from the upper ceiling from a single stem.

When the metal halide fixture is activated the light level will be approximately 50- 55 FC (footcandles).

The CFL fixture can be activated in two ways. Half of the lamps in the fixture will be activated by an on/off switch and they will produce approximately 10-12 FC footcandles. The other half of the lamps in the fixture will be dimmer controlled. These lamps will also produce 10-12 FC and they shall be dimmer controlled. The dimmer will allow the space to dim to a 5-7 FC footcandle level often used for special events.

On show days the metal halide lighting shall be turned on approximately 30 minutes before and 30 minutes after at no charge to the client. During move in and move out only the metal halide lighting shall be used.

The on/off switched CFL – compact fluorescent lamps shall be used for in house cleaning.


For those attendees planning to bring their vehicle with them while visiting the Augusta Convention Center, the parking is located at the parking deck across from the Center. Applicable parking rates for 2013 will apply for self parking, valet, hotel guests, day use, event and Convention Center. Please contact your Director of Convention Center Operations for details.


Pre-Convention Meetings are scheduled for all major events. It is an informal meeting for your staff and our staff to meet and review key event requirements. It is hosted by the Center and coordinated by your Director of Convention Center Operations. A Center Representative from each department will be in attendance. Your key support staff as well as any service contractors for your show (i.e. decorator, production company, audio visual company, etc.) are encouraged to attend. At the conclusion of your show, we will ask to schedule a Post-Convention Meeting with you so that we may get your feedback about the facility’s performance.


A special permit is required for the use of pyrotechnics and/or lasers. Each situation must be individually pre-approved by General Manager or Director of Convention Center Operations and the Fire Marshall. If approved, the use of pyrotechnics and/or lasers will be strictly controlled and continuously monitored. Standby Fire Personnel may be required at Licensee’s expense.


One mid-day room refresh is provided for the convention center if it is being utilized as a meeting room. The refresh includes straightening of tables and chairs, trash disposal, replenishment of water in the room. If you have requirements beyond our usual mid-day refresh, appropriate labor changes may apply in relation to the scope of the work to be done. Your Director of Convention Center Operations can assist you with a room refresh schedule as well as additional details.


The Augusta Convention Center provides security daily from 7 a.m. until11 p.m. If you feel your event needs a security person during the hours of 11 p.m. until 7 a.m. we will be happy to supply a security officer. Normal billing rates will apply.

See additional security information in the Exhibit Display Rules and Regulations section.


Some special or large gatherings that have a dance and/or alcohol sales may require a Richmond County Sheriff or Augusta Fire Marshall in accordance with the Richmond County Code requirements. Our Catering or Convention Services person will review rates for these service requirements.

All incidents of injury, vandalism, fire, theft, etc. should be reported to Security. Following notification of any incidents, event staff will initiate appropriate reports and investigations.


The Augusta Convention Center is a non-smoking building. Smoking is only permitted in designated open air areas.


Insurance may be purchased through the Center’s “Master Venue Insurance”. Please consult your Event Manager for current charges.

All insurance policies are required to list the following:
– The insured named on the policy must be the same as it appears on the License Agreement.
– Policy Effective Dates must include move-in and move-out dates.
– Description of Operations must list Augusta Convention Center as additional insured.
– The Certificate Holder must be the Augusta Convention Center.
– The Center shall be given thirty (30) day written notice prior to any termination, cancellation, or material change in the insurance coverage.


We request that credit applications be submitted six (6) months prior to event date. Upon approval of the credit application, a master account will be arranged for event charges incurred and any food and beverage charges over and above the pre-paid estimated amount.


The final invoice will be issued no later than seven (7) days after your move-out. Any outstanding balance will be due net thirty (30) days upon issuance of the invoice.


It is the policy of the Augusta Convention Center that individual employees may not accept cash gratuities from clients. It is management’s intention for our employees to provide exceptional service to all clients without anticipation of additional compensation. We appreciate your understanding and adherence to our policy and its intent. Should someone feel strongly about giving a gratuity to an individual it should be given directly to the Director of Convention Center Operations with specific individual(s) designated