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Frequently Asked Questions

Is outside catering allowed?

No outside catering is permitted. The Augusta Marriott at the Convention Center has a wide variety of menu options as well as a fully functional kitchen and banquet staff. There are also various outlets for grabbing a quick bite to eat located within the convention center.

Can any person or organization rent the facilities?

They sure can! We have developed a set of rules and regulations for the facilities based on current city codes, current operating procedures of the Augusta Marriott at the Convention Center, and research of similar facilities. The building will lend itself better to certain types of events such as trade shows or expositions but we envision customers booking the space for many different types of events.

Do we have to book rooms at the Marriott to secure space in the new convention center?

No, customers are not required to utilize the guest rooms, meeting space, or other services at the Marriott. It’s possible that a group could select another hotel or group of hotels for their housing and book the Olmstead room or rooms for a function. All customers will be subject to the rules and regulations of the building.

Where can our attendees park during an event in the Olmstead?

There is a 650-space parking deck currently open for business on the corner of 9th Street and Reynolds Street, directly across from the new space. This will be an ideal place for guests attending an event to park. There is an area on 9th Street specifically designed for cars to drop people off that is convenient to the entrance without blocking the normal traffic flow of the area.

How many restrooms are in the Olmstead Exhibit Hall?

There are two women’s and two men’s restrooms in the main lobby. There is a men’s and women’s restroom on both sides of the Olmstead Exhibit Hall.

How many elevators are in Olmstead Exhibit Hall?

There are two elevators in the main lobby to take guests to the second level of the Olmstead Exhibit Hall. The corridor then leads to the main hotel. Additionally, there an elevator on each side (Olmstead A and B) to take guests to the second level of the Olmstead Exhibit Hall.