Planners - Move In and Out and Installation and Dismantling

1. The hotel contract will outline the exact times and days for both exhibit set-up and dismantling. These times must be adhered to.

2. A Hold Harmless Agreement is required before set-up. This document is to be signed by an officer of the decorating company.

3. All booth equipment, furniture, and carpeting must be confined to the measured limits of the booth. No nails or bracing wire used in exhibit displays may be attached to the building. No painting, mixing of chemicals, sawing of any kind or explosive/hazardous materials is allowed in the exhibit hall at any time.

4. The schedule of times and number of vehicles used for the exposition or any other type events must be submitted to the Director of Events for approval. Load in times begin no earlier than 8AM. All other requests should be submitted to the Director of Events

5. Gas or diesel powered vehicles are not permitted for movement of exhibits and materials into the exhibit hall. Any deviation of this rule must have the consent of the Director of Convention Operations. Propane powered vehicles are permitted. There are no exceptions to this rule.

6. The exhibit hall supervisor in conjunction with service contractor will make an inspection of the exhibit hall. This will include access areas pertaining to the exhibit move-in. The inspections are to take place prior to move-in and at the completion of the move-out. It is the responsibility of the service contractor to contact the Director of Convention Operations at extension 6501 to conduct a walk-through prior to accepting the responsibility for the exhibit area to prevent any unnecessary charges.

7. All platform dollies or carts with four or two wheels are permitted as long as they do not have metal wheels. Hand trucks are permitted with either soft or hard 8" rubber wheels.

8. Entry walls and doors, along with access and egress routes to and from the exhibit hall must be protected.

9. Any tape applied to floors, carpets, etc. must be approved by management in advance. Any property damaged by exhibitors must be repaired to its original condition at the service contractor or exhibitors' expense. This includes all tape residues. The use of packing tape on carpets, marble floor or any Convention Center equipment is NOT PERMITTED. No painting of any kind is allowed.

10. No use of Convention Center equipment is permitted.

11. The break area for service contractor's company employees is the loading dock only. However, no blockage of convention operations equipment on the loading dock is permitted at any time.

12. Exhibits using food , beverage, ink, chemicals, or other liquids must be installed over visqueen. The exhibitor must cover the entire booth area with a carpet of his choice. Proper drainage is required twice daily during exhibit hours. Any special installations that affect fire codes must have prior approval of the fire marshall.

13. AII outside contractors hired by individual exhibitors must be approved by the service contractors and must adhere to all applicable rules and regulations. Any damage incurred in their specific work areas will be their sole responsibility.

14. The exhibit contractor is responsible for the traffic control or vehicles scheduled by them for move in/out. No parking of trucks or trailers overnight at the loading docks, or on Convention Center property, is permitted without consent of the Director of Convention Operations. During move in/out, unless a trailer is being loaded or unloaded, it needs to be removed from the Convention Center/hotel property.

15. Access to fire exit doors and corridors must be maintained throughout the move-in/move-out period.