Planners - Cleaning and Custodial Services

1. Augusta Convention Center does not provide cleaning materials, supplies, vacuums, or janitorial services for the exhibit area unless it is part of the sales contract. Trash removal from the exhibit hall and premises is the responsibility of the decorating company. The decorating company will provide trash containers. The scheduled delivery and pick-up of dumpsters must be coordinated through the decorating company.

2. At the conclusion of the exhibit hall hours, the exhibit area and loading dock areas must be presentable for the next day's business prior to leaving property for the day.

3. It is the responsibility of the decorating company to return the exhibit space in ready condition at the conclusion of the dismantling of the show, and to remove any tape residue or large stains as a result of exhibit setup or teardown. The decorating company is responsible for vacuuming the exhibit hall prior to departure.

4. Prefunction areas and restrooms on the first and second floor will be cleaned and maintained by Convention Center staff.