Planners - Audio Visual and Production Companies

1. It is the responsibility of the audio visual/production to clean any area that they use. The Director of Convention Operations or Supervisor must do a walk-through at the end of the show. ENCORE is highly endorsed and recommended as the contractor for all audiovisual services at the Augusta Convention Center. We encourage your use of ENCORE in servicing your exhibitor's needs during the show. Additional policies and expectations are detailed in the "Convention Center Guidelines for Production and Audio Visual".

2. All audio visual contractors must follow all codes and restrictions imposed on the show.

3. Augusta Convention Center has NO STORAGE FACILITIES FOR EQUIPMENT. This is the responsibility of the vendors.

4. A "Hold Harmless Agreement" from all service contractors must be on file with the Director of Convention Services and the Director of Convention Center Operations in case of loss or damage to equipment or personal injury during the show.

5. All hook ups to the house sound system must be coordinated through ENCORE and all charges will be charged to the audiovisual vendor. This is not a complimentary service of the Convention Center.

6. All outside vendors' personnel must follow all codes of conduct and appearance as imposed on the exhibit contractor.

7. Only low residue tape, WITH BLACK AND DIAGONAL YELLOW CROSSES TO GO ON TOP OF THE TAPE will be permitted to tape down electrical cords.

8. Any outside production or audio visual company can be used under the following circumstances:

- Certificate of Insurance is on file.
- All codes, local and federal, and Augusta Convention Center regulations are followed.
- All hook-ups to the building's power source is handled by Augusta Convention Center. The production or any Company is responsible for all charges for hooking up to the building's power sources. This is not complimentary.
- All work areas and docks must be returned to the original condition that they were given. There are no exceptions to this rule.