Exhibitors - Motorized Vehicles

1. Definition: Motorized vehicles shall be defined as any vehicle which is propelled by an internal combustion engine using Class-1 or Class-2 fuel, such as, but not limited to, automobiles, trucks, motorcycles, aircrafts, watercrafts, golf cars, mobile homes, etc.

2. Fuel supplies in vehicles on display shall not exceed (1/4) of a tank or (10) gallons whichever is the smallest amount.

3. All motor vehicle gas caps should lock or be taped to prevent tampering with. Tractors, chain saws, generators and other such fuel-powered equipment shall be safeguarded in a similar manner.

4. Prior to entering the building, the exhibit contractor/show management MUST CONTACT A MANAGER OR EXHIBIT SUPERVISOR for a visual inspection. At this time the vehicle can be driven into the building ONLY AFTER DIRECTOR OF CONVENTION CENTER OPERATIONS HAS BEEN NOTIFIED that the vehicles are on property.

5. Upon entering, visqueen must be laid under the place where the vehicle is to be located. The visqueen must remain under the vehicle during the time it stays in the building or exhibit hall.

6. Motorized vehicles are not permitted in the first and second floor prefunction areas of the Convention Center.

7. All motorized vehicles, which are displayed, shall have the battery (ies) disconnected at the "HOT" lead. Putting a cap on it or taping it shall safely secure the lead.

No speeding (over 5 mph) or reckless use of vehicles is allowed.