Exhibitors - Insurance

Exhibit Service Contractor will provide and maintain, at its own expense, adequate insurance covering his/her operations on hotel property, as follows:

1. General Liability: A comprehensive general liability policy against damages and liability including attorneys fees on account of injuries to or the death of any persons, however caused or occasioned through the services provided by the exhibit service contractor (and as respects exhibit service contractors' employees working at the hotel and permitted access) in the amount of five million dollars ($5,000,000) for combined personal injuries, death and for damage to property. Such comprehensive general liability policy shall be endorsed to include products and completed operations and service liability.

2. Workers Compensation: Works Compensation in statutory amounts and Employer's liability or similar insurance as required by law.

3. Automobile: Automobile Liability insurance for damage to persons or property in the amount of one million ($1 ,000,000). All policies required to be carried hereunder shall name Augusta Convention Center as an additional insured, as pertaining to the operations performed for the Augusta Convention Center by the exhibit service contractor.

4. Exhibit services contractor will name Augusta Convention Center as an additional insured on such policies and will provide Augusta Convention Center with a certificate on insurance evidencing the above coverage.