Exhibitors - Fire Safety Addendum

1. As per the Richmond County Fire Marshall, there will be no storage by the freight companies in the back hall. (Sign to be posted - ABSOLUTELY NO STORAGE IN THIS AREA- FIRE LANE)

2. Shipping and receiving must keep open access on the loading dock. Shipping and receiving will not permit blockage of open access to the Convention Center or the loading dock.

3. Storage of empty boxes in the back hallways and service areas is NOT PERMITTED. No crates, packing materials, wooden boxes or other highly combustible materials may be stored in exhibit halls, meeting rooms or fire exit areas.

4. Open access to all doors must be maintained at all times. Doors must have at least six feet of clearance in front of them. Equipment should be restricted to proper designed areas. These areas are clearly marked throughout the Convention Center.

5. Absolutely no storage in areas identified as the red-zone areas. These areas are clearly marked with red stripes on the floors.

6. All drapes, curtains, table coverings, skirts, carpet and any materials used in exhibits must be flame retardant.

7. Fire hose cabinets, fire extinguishers, sprinklers, fire exit doors, routes of egress and any other fire safety device must not be hidden from view or have its accessibility blocked.

Fire Safety Addendum Form