Exhibitors - Exhibit and Display Rules and Regulations


All labor employed by an exhibit service contractor, regardless of their craft, must wear a uniform shirt (excluding open body style) identifying the company. T -shirts are acceptable. Service contractor employees' clothing will be neat, reflecting an overall tidy appearance to conform to Marriott's image.

1. In addition to uniform shirts, labor employed by contractors must also wear a numbered identification badge, logo sticker badge or an Augusta Convention Center issued sticker badge with the employee's name on it.

2. No smoking, eating, or drinking is permitted within the exhibit hall during installation or dismantling. Room Service will be allowed, per the Client's request, but will be restricted to non-alcoholic beverages during teardown or set-up. The designated break area is on the loading dock and the hotel chairs, risers and equipment are not to be used.

3. The possession or use of intoxicants on company property or job sites is prohibited; including but not limited to, the drinking of alcoholic beverages. The possession or use of drugs on company property is also prohibited, other than medicine prescribed by the employee's physician. Any violation will result in immediate removal of the individual and possible legal action.

4. The possession of guns, explosives, or weapons of any kind is not permitted. Fighting, physical violence, creating a disturbance, horseplay, disorderly conduct or the use of abusive language is a violation of hotel policy and will result in immediate removal of the individual.

5. Theft, attempted theft, misappropriation of property or the aiding of such acts will result in immediate removal and possible criminal prosecution of the individual.

6. The only authorized meal break area for labor employed by service contractors is on the loading dock. No food is to be consumed in the Convention Center, prefunction areas or exhibit halls.

7. Exhibit contract labor employees are not permitted access to the exhibit hall through the main entrance of the Augusta Convention Center. When job responsibilities require exhibit contract labor employees access to the foyer area of the convention space they are to remain in the permitted area only. Wandering through the Convention Center is not permitted.

8. Exhibit contract labor employees are not permitted to use public restroom facilities. The only restrooms to be used by labor employees are the restrooms in the Convention Center service hallway. The service contractor must manage their employees and temporary services staff on this point. Should these employees be found outside their work areas, they will be removed from the premises.

9. Exhibit contract labor employees are to enter the Convention Center through the back of the house and not through the guest foyers.

10. Passenger elevators and escalators are not to be used to transport freight or other set-up materials. Freight elevators are available for this purpose.