Exhibitors - Drayage and Material Handling

1. Augusta Convention Center has no storage facilities for exhibit materials. All freight must be consigned to the decorating company. Shipments that arrive prior to show time will be refused and/or forwarded to the official decorator at the exhibitor's expense. Marshalling space for any trucks in our parking lot or grounds is not allowed.

2. Only tape with the lowest amount of residue will be used to tape down cords on the convention floor. Electric cords should be covered with carpet or mat, bordered with black tape with diagonally crossed yellow.

3. The service contractor must handle all decorating and material handling of exhibits and related products. All items belonging to individual exhibitors must be brought through the back services entrance. There are no storage facilities available for empty crates, containers, cartons or vehicles.

4. At the close of the show, the decorator or the exhibitor must remove all materials from the hall. Augusta Convention Center will not provide storage nor ship any exhibit materials.